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Heating and Air Conditioning

Whether it’s too hot to keep the windows up or too cold to roll them down, your heating and air conditioning system provides you with a comfortable drive. That is of course, if it’s working properly. To keep your heating system in tip top shape, book an appointment with Glenn’s Auto Repair today.

The temperature control features in your vehicle do more than help to de-fog your windshield, they also regulate comfort on hot and cold days. There’s nothing more frustrating than driving in the summer heat when the air conditioning doesn’t work, or maneuvering your way through winter traffic with no heater.

Not only do temperature control features deliver a comfortable burst of air to counteract the weather, they can also be a help when it comes to keeping your engine from overheating. In the summer sun, everything in your cabin and under the hood can get overly warm. By having an operational heating system, you can turn up the heat, open the windows, and suck some of the hot air out of the engine, helping to cool it and keep your vehicle from overheating.

Winter weather brings its own share of temperature related troubles, when ice and frost begin to build up on locks, and windshields. Having a fully operational heater gives you the opportunity to defrost your car, and warm up the seats before the long drive to work in the morning.

The Make Up of a Heating and Air Conditioning System

The temperature control features in your vehicle are made up of a fan, different hoses which suck heat from the engine and deliver it to the body of the vehicle, as well as a heater core, or radiator inside the dash. For the cooling system to work, your vehicle also uses liquid called coolant, which helps the fan work to cool the interior.

Each of the components involved in heating and air conditioning must be maintained to properly control the internal temperature of your vehicle. If you notice the heat taking longer than usual to kick in, or warm air being delivered from the A/C unit, even after it’s had time to begin working, it’s time to visit a certified mechanic. If your A/C or heater is blowing in a bad smell, or you see dust or other debris coming from the vents, something’s not right. You should also see a mechanic if your vents aren’t pushing out much air, even on the highest power setting.

At Glenn’s Auto Repair, our experienced mechanics are well versed in heating and cooling systems, and we always suggest that clients make an appointment as soon as a problem becomes apparent. Leaks in hoses, a lack of coolant, or general wear and tear will take its toll on the temperature system. The longer damage is left unfixed, the more additional damage it can inflict.

How Your Mechanic Will Help

Your safety and comfort is our top priority at Glenn’s Auto Repair, which is why each visit is met with a thorough inspection of the affected area. We begin by taking note of any damage or non-working features associated with your temperature system. This involves a radiator check, pressure cap check, hose inspection, thermostat screening, coolant level check, and an examination of the compressor belt.

In some cases, the vents may have debris built up inside, which needs to be cleaned out. It can also be something as simple as a lack of coolant. Other times, the issue may be more severe, and a new hose, or radiator repair will be in order. No matter the reason or the method of repair, you can rest assured that Glenn’s will provide high-quality, lasting service every time.

To speak to a knowledgeable member of our staff regarding your heating and air conditioning system, or to discuss any of our other auto services, contact us today. At Glenn’s Auto Repair, we are always happy to hear from new and returning customers, and can schedule an appointment with a certified mechanic at your convenience.

Whether your car is like an extension of yourself, or you just use it to get from point A to point B, Glenn’s will get you back on the road in safe and running condition in no time. Count on Glenn’s to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter with our heating and air conditioning maintenance service.



Oil and filter change. Check and fill all fluids. Belt, hose, and brake inspection. Tire inspection and rotation. Lubricate door hinges, hood, trunk, steering, components and suspension.