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3 Ways Preventative Maintenance Can Benefit Your Vehicle

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Preventative maintenance is important for the longevity and productivity of your vehicle. Not only does it work to rectify any current problems your vehicle has encountered, but it also helps prevent further damage from occurring in the future. There are many types of preventative maintenance, from something as minor as changing a brake pad to something large like running a full diagnostic of your machine’s internal wiring and electrical output.

If you’re not sure whether preventative maintenance sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out this list of 3 ways it could benefit your vehicle.

1. Saving Money: Perhaps one of the most major bonus points for preventative maintenance, is its ability to save you money over time. Your vehicle requires a lot of upkeep, and part and labor costs can get high depending on the work being done. To ensure that you don’t overspend in the future, it helps to pay a small amount to make sure everything is running properly now.

For example, something as simple as rotating your tires regularly, and getting an alignment at a garage, can save you from the hassle of prematurely replacing four tires. This is a comparison of $200 vs. $800-$1000. Over time the tread on your tires wear down, usually more so on one side than the other. When you have the tires rotated, you allow the tread on the other side to wear down more evenly, extending the life and tread of your tires. If you allow the tread to bald on one side, while the other remains as is, it could alter the ride of your vehicle, and result in a burst tire.

Tires aren’t the only place you can save money. An oil change can increase the longevity of your engine, regularly changing brake pads can keep your rotors and calipers from becoming damaged, and having a tune-up will keep your electrical in tip top shape.

2. Safety Precautions: It’s not just for financial reasons that we at Glenn’s Auto Repair suggest preventative maintenance to our clients. Our main reason for preventative maintenance is for safety purposes. Your vehicle takes quite a beating over time, driving into pot holes, beating the summer heat, and barreling down the freeway at excess speeds. Imagine if something were to give out on you during one of your excursions, leaving you stranded roadside.

Many of our preventative maintenance procedures are small and affordable services, but they make a big impact on the longevity of your vehicle. Something as minor as having a diagnostic run on your warning lights could save you from engine failure on the middle of the freeway. At Glenn’s Auto Repair, we think of our clients as family, and we always want our family to be safe. Concerned about odd noises, smells, or shaky handling of your vehicle? Stop by Glenn’s and let one of our experienced mechanics repair any issues sooner rather than later.

3. Avoiding Future Inconvenience: You paid good money for your vehicle, and you expect it to get you where you need to go. Preventative maintenance ensures that your car keeps running smoothly, and doesn’t cut out on you when you need it most. Many of the services offered through Glenn’s Auto Repair, focus on individual areas of your vehicle, which can have a large impact on its overall performance. From the timing belt to the power windows, there are hundreds of small components working together to give you a safe and comfortable ride.

Some of the inconveniences you could encounter without preventative maintenance include your power windows locking up, battery dying when you’ve been parked too long, heat and AC cutting off when you need to regulate your vehicle’s temperature, among many other more major issues.

For more information on preventative maintenance and our many available auto services, contact us today at Glenn’s Auto Repair. Our team of professional mechanics is well versed in a variety of auto repair needs, and work hard to deliver high-quality, lasting results every time. As a small family operated business, we love being part of our community, and want to see the best for our neighbors. Stop by and meet the team, we’re always happy to speak with new or existing clients, and schedule an appointment at your convenience.

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